Customer Feedback

Jeremiah Wimpey

Superior steel and the crew they’ve got make getting jobs done with quality product/fair pricing, easy! They have the best customer service and salesman who are always prepared to help. Always excited to go pick up material there. Josh & Kaleb do an exceptional job of getting me lined out with material for my customers/farmers/ranchers. 10/10 recommend them for any Steel needs. -Jeremiah W. “JW Welding Fabrication Fencing Service”

C. Eldridge

Here’s what Clay had to say about our New Plate Bunks, “These bunks have worked out great for me!  Love not having to drain water all the time!”

Matt Evans

“I purchased 2 feeders yesterday and they are by far the best hay feeders I’ve ever had.   Very pleased with the price and quality.”

Andy Sperfslage

“I had my reservations about doing business long distance (from Northern Iowa) and having to take what you get when it shows up, but the quality of everything looks to be top notch.  Those two custom heavy gates are ridiculous, wont be replacing those suckers in my life time.  I’ll be sure to recommend your company in the future.  Thanks!!”

John McDowell

An experienced professional Cattle Pot Driver, John had this to say about our Portable Loading Chute, “This is the best constructed Loading Chute I’ve ever seen because it has a door for the driver to walk through so you don’t have to climb over the top.”

Travis Shaver

“I’m in the welding business and a regular customer at Superior Steel. Everything about my experience with them has been good. Their products are the best, they are quick to get you loaded out, and the delivery service is great too!” 

Aaron Walker

“The convenience of the cattle sweep we bought from Superior Steel allows us to work our cattle in half the time and at the same it keeps everyone safe.”

Kasey Hunt

“I really like your Tub & Alley, they practically work themselves. It used to take us 6 hours to work 200 head of cows – now we can work 200 cows in 2 hours!”

Will Stubblefield

I wouldn’t go anywhere else.Just good old fashion value and treat you the best.

Scott Greenwood

It was great I will go back God bless

Vern Pugh

Great price and service.

Sam Cook

It’s easy to buy material and get advice from an owner who has done it for 20 years. I have known the owner for 15 plus years. They make quality products and sell materials at a fair price. Matt will help you get about anything you could need or want. Honesty and integrity are the utmost of their concern at superior steel sales.

Lehi Laub

Very good people to deal with. Reasonable prices. Good selection of materials and products.

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